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We design houses according to Customer's wishes

RPM OÜ produces houses according to the customer's project. If the customer does not have a project, we can design the house according to the client's wishes. We begin by mapping your demands and needs. To accelerate the process significantly, we will introduce you to a variety of ready-made solutions and options.

If you do not find a suitable house or spatial solution in our product range, you can forward to us the requests and requirements for the preparation of special solutions.

RPM OÜ-Designing

We produce the maximum possible degree of readiness in the factory

Elemental houses are produced in dry and warm production rooms, guaranteeing a long use of the product. The elements are produced in controlled indoor conditions, thereby ensuring the accuracy and high quality of the structures. The elemental houses are made of wooden constructions, which are up to 12 metres long and 2.8 meters tall.

RPM OÜ houses are produced at the factory with the maximum possible degree of readiness, which ensures a fast, accurate and efficient construction, which can be carried out all year round. I.e. the plant is already fitted with windows, insulation material, plaster, as well as ducts and cans for electric readiness.


All materials used in the production are of high quality and are certified.

We help you get over the house and get up

We organize or help you find the transport of elemental structures. We have a long-term logistics parnereid with which we work with continuous cooperation.

The factory-produced various wooden construction elements (wall, roof, ceiling, floor, terrace, and balcony elements) are mounted on the object with the help of the crane, thus significantly reducing the construction time on the site.

The house is ready to leave the building externally.


"Turnkey" service

RPM OÜ also performs a full-turnkey solution.  The complete solution contains all the works that are carried out for completion of the house. This list usually includes design, foundation work, carpentry, interior communication work, finishing works and kitchen equipment as desired.




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