Prior to RPM OÜ, in Kaseküla production base, the CEO of Log House AS RPM was produced by Enno Kuldkepp. The star-combination RPM meant a cross log house. AS RPM founded 1990. and was one of the first Estonian companies who started industrial timber houses. A large part of the company's production, CA 75% were exported to Scandinavia and Western Europe, but not forgotten by the domestic market and Estonian customers.

In 2006, AS the RPM also started production of elemental houses in addition to loghouses. AS RPM has produced and installed over 1200 houses, IN more than 26 countries.

AS of 2016, the AS RPM production base was purchased and continued under the name of RPM OÜ. RPM LTD. Leaving only the RPM logo while continuing with AS RPM projects, leaving aside log house production.


RPM OÜ started in 2017 with the production of elemental Houses (residential houses, summerhouses, apartment buildings) in Käärdis, Kaseküla production base. The main field of activity of RPM OÜ is the production and installation of wooden frame elements. Our target market is predominantly Scandinavian countries but in the last year we have also directed our eyes toward the home market.


Our goal is to be a customer-oriented and to find a realization for the most demanding projects. Upon request, we offer the customer full service – from design to "turnkey" to the solution for all houses.


We are an innovative and reliable partner for the implementation of the plan.


Knowledge – We are in constant learning to ensure maximum professionalism in our profession.

We are only giving promises that we are confident in successfully fulfilling.

Team – We value good staff and a single team.

Flexibility and willingness – together with the client we reach an outstanding solution.